10 Top Tips For Enjoying A G&T

10 Top Tips For Enjoying A G&T

Ever wondered how to get the most out of your gin and tonic? Here’s a few tips to help you!

1. Quality of Ice
Make sure to use filtered water for your ice. Any impurities in the water used to make ice will seep into your drink and disturb the experience.

2. Size of Ice
Using a single large ice cube helps maintain a cold temperature in your drink for longer and dilutes your drink at a much slower rate than smaller ice cubes.

3. Quality of Tonic Water
Life’s too short to drink bad gin, so why drink bad tonic? Using premium mixers, like Fever-Tree, will elevate your drink experience and make your G&T more enjoyable.

4. Choice of Tonic Water
Ever wondered why there are so many tonics available now days? Well, that’s because most tonics are created and designed to enhance specific gins’ flavour profiles. Take the Fever-Tree Wheel for example, each tonic elevates a gin in different way. It is key to match your gin’s profile with the correct tonic to really make the botanicals pop.

5. Choice of Garnish (or Not)
Does a gin and tonic really need a lemon? Well not always, finding the right garnish can be ¬¬key to enhancing the flavour and aroma as you sip your drink. Finding a complementary fruit, herb, or spice isn’t always an easy task, sometimes things can be enjoyed as just the gin and tonic alone.

6. Choice of Glassware
Most people might assume that choosing a glass is simply just for looks, however, this isn’t the case. Ensuring you have the correct glassware will enhance your drinking experience. Tumblers, highballs, and goblets are all great choices of G&T glassware. 

7. Clean Glassware
Ensure that you are using a clean glass that doesn’t have any effective aromas on it such as detergent, dust, or cardboard (from storage in a box).

8. Ratio & Measuring
One of the biggest mistakes people make when making a G&T is not measuring the gin. A G&T is best enjoyed at a 1:4 or 1:3 ratio of gin to tonic. This is an essential step in elevating all the botanical flavours in your gin, so that they are not lost in the bitterness or effervescence of the tonic.

9. Setting & Drinking Environment
Sit down, relax, take a moment, and enjoy your drink! Out on the deck, in front of the fire, or wherever your drinking spot may be, make sure you’re comfy, relaxed, and ready to enjoy.

10. If you like it, drink it, and enjoy it!
Don’t let other peoples’ perception of flavours cloud your judgement. If you find a unique botanical or flavour that you enjoy but others don’t, don’t be concerned by it. Indulge in what you actually like, not what others tell you to.

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