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What's The Gin Club all about? Let us tell you - our mission is bringing you delight and enlightenment as you explore and enjoy gin.


Our Story

Our story starts in 2021 after the successful launch of the Guide to New Zealand Gin the year before. It felt natural that the next move after writing about gin was to sell it too.

The first couple of years passed with a lot of growth, learning, and dealing with all the oddities that those years had to give. This included the publishing of several more gin guides, including for Australia, and the start of our Subscription Box.

The Gin Club was originally a part of a group, but in mid-2023 the opportunity presented itself to change course. Two of the employees, George Grbich and Madison Fisher, had the chance to take over ownership of the business and become a stand-alone enterprise. After some deliberation they took the plunge and are now co-owners and directors, as well as running the day-to-day business.

George and Madison are leveraging all of their knowledge, experience, and skills to make The Gin Club the most exciting place to find and learn about gin in New Zealand.


Our Mission

Bring joy and knowledge as we help people explore, buy, and delight in gin.

We want to provide the best possible experience.

We want to build a business that not only adds value to our customers but to the community at large as well.


What are our values?

Give it your all.

Care for the community and environment.

Don't be afraid of change or to admit when you're wrong.

Learning is a lifelong and joyful process.

Don't be evil.

We don't just want to become the biggest there is at the sacrifice of quality, the customer, the community, or ourselves. We want to be a force for good and a company that anyone would be proud to work for.

Our expert knowledge isn't something that should be sequestered away in an ivory tower, but shared with everyone. So we sample as many of the gins that we offer as possible to provide unique and expert advice on each one of them. That way you can make the most informed decision possible.

Equality, diversity, and a social conscience are important to us, not just because we believe that they make the world a better place, but because of our own experiences too.

While we're still working out our action plans on how these values will be implemented, they are at the forefront of our minds as we do so.

  • George Grbich

    A spirits judge and author with a strong passion for the world of gin and many years of experience in the Auckland hospitality industry. Working as a bar manager and developing menus during his Bachelor of Business at AUT, at the youthful age of 25 he has published seven books, covering over 800 gins and 300 distilleries, and is now a co-owner of Gin Club NZ. In 2022 he became the youngest spirits judge ever at the NZ Spirits Awards and judged at the 2023 Australian Gin Awards. As well as collaborating with leading mixer brand, Fever-Tree, and Gin Events, he is also frequently sought out by distillers for his expert opinion. An associate member of Distilled Spirits Aotearoa, he holds a WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits and continues to have a significant impact on the New Zealand spirits industry with his deep committed to the promotion and development of the craft spirits scene.

  • Madison Fisher

    A proud member of the queer community and an author with a background in ancient history and archaeology, she developed her research and technical writing skills while getting her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland and Masters at the University of St Andrews. She has co-authored both the Guide to New Zealand Gin and Guide to Australian Gin since their inception, as well as contributing to their editions of the Fever-Tree Easy Mixing Guide, and is now a co-owner of Gin Club NZ. With a keen eye for detail and planning, she leverages these skills to help manage the business in both the day-to-day operation and long term planning. Madison has also shown that she has the potential for tasting with her palate and is planning to sit the WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits in 2024.

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