2023 World Gin Awards Recap

2023 World Gin Awards Recap

The 2023 World Gin Awards have announced their winners, and the competition was fierce. Here’s a quick once over of how the kiwis went.

In the London Dry Gin category, Roots Marlborough Dry Gin took home Gold and was also named the Category World Winner. Broken Heart Classic Gin took home Silver, while Awildian Coromandel Spiced Gin was awarded the Bronze.

In the Classic Gin category, Awildian Coromandel Dry Gin for the second year in a row won a Gold medal and was the only classic New Zealand gin to medal in the category.

For Navy Strength Gin, Roots "Norwester" Navy Strength Gin won the Silver medal.

In the Flavored Gin category, No8 Moka Gin took home a Silver medal.

Finally, in the Contemporary Gin category, Awildian Coromandel Dry Gin Blue Edition took home Gold, No8 Horopito Fire Gin the Silver, and The Cambridge Distillery Knocknaveagh Gin with a Bronze.

The 2023 World Gin Awards showcased many of best of the best in gin production, with New Zealand distilleries making a strong showing. From locally sourced botanicals to innovative flavor profiles, these distilleries are pushing the boundaries of what gin can be. If you're a gin enthusiast, be sure to seek out some of these award-winning gins for a taste of the best the world has to offer.

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