8 Gins That Sing Of The Ocean

8 Gins That Sing Of The Ocean

Ever wanted to try a Gin with a dash of Ocean breeze? Here's a list to get you started

Manly Spirits Coastal Citrus Gin
Created in honour of summer days, featuring the beach, balmy nights and good company! The inspiration from Manly Spirits around this gin comes from the Australian coast and native botanicals. Although citrus and juniper are the backbone of this gin, a savoury element is added from the addition of local Sea Parsley. 

Isle of Harris Sugar Kelp Gin
Embodying the nature of the Island it is made on, a smooth yet curious gin has been created. The use of locally sourced and hand gathered Sugar Kelp along with 8 other traditional botanicals has created a gin representing its location connection to the sea.

Roots "Norwester" Navy Strength Gin
A Navy Strength bottling of their original 'Roots Marlborough Dry Gin' with the addition of organic Akaroa Giant Kelp and Hemp Seed from Hawke’s Bay. A ‘London Dry’ style gin offering scents of the stormy Pacific seas. Named after the strong Norwest winds of the south Pacific and prevailing Marlborough weather systems. 

Denzien Our Coast 
Denzien Our Coast is inspired by the strong coastal identity of New Zealand. With this goal in mind, Our Coast features Marlborough Sea Salt and Native Kelp, bringing a sense of the New Zealand coast to the glass.

imagination Wakame Dry Gin
imagination Wakame Dry Gin has hand gathered wild Wakame from Wellington and Wairarapa coastlines. Adding a savoury note with resulting in a sweet-salt finish. Using other traditional botanicals, this gin has been given and New Zealand coastline contemporary twist.

Dr Beak New Zealand Premium Gin
Dr Beak features 13 botanicals, 12 of which are locally sourced form New Zealand! One of which is local Kelp introducing ocean breeze aromatics amount this bold savoury gin.

Elsewhere Gin - Hahei 
Elsewhere Gin - Hahei, include a wide range of wild foraged and locally sourced botanicals, among the range of unique botanicals is Sea Weed from one of the world most beautiful beaches, Cathedral Cove. The inclusion of hibiscus has created a slight pink hue to this spectacular gin. 

Archie Rose X Sydney Opera House - Outside Gin
A collaboration between one of Australia’s best distilleries and a piece of Sydney's iconic seaside architecture. This gin features locally foraged Seablite and Native Seaweed alongside an array of native Australian botanicals. The result, a gin representing the natural surroundings of the harbour and art and culture of the Sydney Opera House.

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