Aotearoa's First Vermouthery

Aotearoa's First Vermouthery

Images provided by Mr. Mug

Introducing Mr. Mug - a newly launched sweet vermouth made by New Zealand's first producer to focus solely on Vermouth.

With vermouth being their top mission in life, you can trust that the recipe (and all future recipes) are expertly crafted.


So, who is Mr. Mug?

Well, once upon a time there was an ugly cat who foraged for botanicals to make vermouth.

He found MUGwort in abundance and decided to make the bitter plant the hero of his drink...

Okay, you may ask "does a grumpy cat REALLY make the vermouth?" Well, I suppose we better let the cat out of the bag... there IS a group of humans behind the scenes who do Mr. Mug's bidding.


Homegrown Botanicals

Their home grown botanicals come from a property in an old and almost forgotten coal mining village called Glen Afton.

This bushland property sat overgrown and unused since the 40's, when it was used to mine clay and make pottery.

One plant has absolutely thrived in these conditions (can you guess which one?) Now, there is every plant you could think of growing around this luscious property.


A Forgotten Beauty

After picking the botanicals that made the final cut, vermouth makers Erin and Hunter take them up to Auckland and do all the top secret things (under Mr. Mug's direction of course) to turn it into vermouth.

Their aim is to bring awareness to this beautiful drink that has been somewhat forgotten and mistreated for years (if not generations). It's a complex and exciting cocktail in its own right and they hope to help lift this category back up! Which we wholeheartedly agree with.

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