New Arrival: Fever-Tree Wild Raspberry Tonic

New Arrival: Fever-Tree Wild Raspberry Tonic

Fever-Tree's Refreshingly Light Wild Raspberry Tonic hit the shelves last week across the country. This is the latest addition to there New Zealand range and is the 10th tonic from Fever-Tree to land on our shores.

By combining a range of the highest quality seasonal ingredients, including raspberries and rhubarb, Fever-Tree have created a fruity and refreshing tonic water. It is perfect to mix with a classic, London Dry style gin to add a fruity twist to you G&T, otherwise is a great companion to pink or sweet fruity gins! 

The raspberries are sourced from the valley of Strathmore in Scotland. This is n extremely fertile area that produces a wide range of soft fruits. Fever-Tree use these berries as "Scottish raspberries have a less jammy, fresher and more pippy flavour than raspberries grown in hotter climates”.

The raspberries are then processed within 10km of where they are picked to ensure they stay fresh and offer the best flavour. They are steam distilled to create an extract that is put into the tonic. The usual level of quinine used in the Indian Tonic has been lowered, to remove some of the bitter flavour and allow the sweeter fruit notes to pull through.

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