Kiwi Joins The Australian Gin Awards Judging Panel

Kiwi Joins The Australian Gin Awards Judging Panel

The Gin industry is booming, and with it comes the rise of gin competitions. One such competition is the Australian Gin Awards, which is set to take place in Sydney in late July. Open to all Australian and New Zealand Gin distilleries on the 5th of April!

The competition will be chaired by Mikey Enright, a well-known figure in the Australian hospitality industry, well known for his Hickson Road Distillery and famous Barber Shop Gin bar in Sydney CBD. Amount Mikey will be a team of 12 including well knownnames scuh as Trish Brew, Charles Casbin, Phillip Moore and The Gin Clubs very own George Grbich!

George Grbich, also known as the “New Zealand wise man of gin," has an extensive knowledge of New Zealand and Australian gin industry. As author of the Guide to New Zealand Gin and Australia Gin, he has tasted an extremely wide range of local trans Tasman products.

The Gin Awards will be open to Australian and New Zealand craft distillers, and the application form will be published on the competition's website on April 5. The judging will take place at the end of July, and the results will be announced at an event held in Sydney in September.

The competition will have several categories, and each entry will receive a written comment from the judges. Trophies and certificates can also be won, providing a great opportunity for craft distillers to gain recognition for their work.

In addition to the Gin Awards, there is also the CCL Packaging Competition, which will be held concurrently. The competition will showcase innovative packaging designs for gin bottles, and the winners will receive trophies and certificates.

The Gin Awards and the CCL Packaging Competition are sure to generate a lot of interest from gin lovers and industry professionals alike.

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