New Zealand Gin Day 2023

New Zealand Gin Day 2023

Mark your calendars, tomorrow is a special day to celebrate the amazing range and quality of New Zealand Gin! Saturday the 28th of January will mark the third year of New Zealand Gin Day. 

To celebrate NZ Gin Day, we have landed a limited amount of this special souvenir gin. Proudly made by 1919 Distilling, this is New Zealand's largest gin collaboration featuring Dr Beak, Juno Gin, Kiwi Spirit Distillery, The National Distillery Co, Reefton Distilling Co., Sandymount Distillery, Roots Dry Gin, Victor Gin!

Each distillery involved selected a botanical for us to use and needless to say there was some surprises when they arrived in Nov/Dec several trials latter and we have something we are bloody proud of!

This latest creation is limited to less than 1000 bottles NZ wide so get in quick.

A juniper led London Dry style gin with classic notes of pine and New Zealand citrus with fresh bursts of lemongrass and hints of kanuka.

An approachable, London Dry gin and a great kiwi made all-rounder. To be enjoyed with your favourite tonic or soda, and it’s the perfect gin for cocktails.

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