NZ Spirits Awards Celebrate Exceptional Gin

NZ Spirits Awards Celebrate Exceptional Gin

The New Zealand Spirits Awards recently honored outstanding gins in their prestigious event. Among the winners, the following gins received Double Gold and Gold medals for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Double Gold
Island Gin - Island Gin Navy Strength
Southward Distilling - Smoked Rosemary
Ukiyo - Japanese Blossom Gin

1919 Distilling - 1919 Distilling Pineapple Bits
Callington Mill - Callington Mill Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin
Clarity - 2023 Gin
Curiosity Gin - Negroni Special
Dr Beak - New Zealand Premium Gin
Good George Distilling - Distiller's Series Taurus Orange Blossom & Manuka Honey
Hector's Gin - Hector's Little Akaloa Pink Blossom Gin
Humdinger Gin - Citrus Gin
Juno Gin - Jean
Lighthouse Gin - Lighthouse Navy Strength Gin
Mothers Ruined Gin - Mothers Ruined Original Gin
National Distillers Company - Old Navy Gin
National Distillers Company - Verdigris Dry Gin
New Zealand Gin Day - New Zealand Gin Day
Old Mate Distillery Ltd - Captain's Table Navy Strength Gin
Papaiti Gin - Potager
Roots Gin - Roots Norwester Navy Strength Gin
Tanqueray - Tanqueray London Dry Gin
Taupō Distilling Co. - 5 Mile Gin Navy
Trident Distilleries - Protogin Kaffir Lime

These gins represent the diversity and innovation within the New Zealand gin industry. Each gin brings its unique character, flavors, and production methods to the table, showcasing the passion and dedication of distillers across the country.
Congratulations to all the medal winners at the New Zealand Spirits Awards! Keep an eye out for these exceptional gins at your local liquor store or consider visiting the distilleries for an immersive experience into the world of New Zealand gin. Cheers to the continued success and growth of the New Zealand gin scene!

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