Raise A Glass To The NZ Spirits Awards Trophy Winners

Raise A Glass To The NZ Spirits Awards Trophy Winners

It's time to give a round of applause to a truly special group as we unveil the incredible Trophy Winners of the New Zealand Spirits Awards! These remarkable gins have captured the hearts and palates of gin judges from across the country, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share the excitement with you

Best New Zealand and Overall in Category: Classic Gin – Clarity 2023 Gin
This classic and sophisticated drop offers notes of sweet citrus, juniper, and coriander. It's a gin that caters to every gin drinker, showcasing the timeless elegance of the gin industry.

Best New Zealand and Overall in Category: Contemporary & Navy Gin –  Roots "Norwester" Navy Strength Gin
An extraordinary gin packing a punchy juniper note alongside distinctive of local flavours of Kawakawa, Giant Kelp, and Hemp Seed. Bottles at navy strength of 54.5% ABV, this gin is not for the faint of heart.

Best New Zealand Emerging Product Award - NZ Gin Day Gin
NZ Gin Day Gin is a testament to the collaborative spirit and creativity of nine outstanding New Zealand distilleries. This remarkable gin showcases the fantastic achievements and innovation taking place in the New Zealand gin scene.

Strange Nature: Where Art Meets Gin in Captivating Packaging
In addition to its captivating flavour profile, Strange Nature has also earned the prestigious Best New Zealand Packaging Award. This gin knows how to make a statement with its unique and eye-catching bottle design, making it an exquisite addition to any gin lover's shelf.

As always, a huge privilege to be involved. Next stop, The Australian Gin Awards with eyes already set on 2024!

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