The New Gin Perfect For Juniper Purists

The New Gin Perfect For Juniper Purists

Imagine a gin that is a true showcase of the potential of juniper. For six months, the team at Dr Beak's distillery meticulously crafted a limited release gin that is a labor of love, using hand-foraged, wild-grown Macedonian juniper as the star ingredient. The process began with macerating the juniper berries in neutral spirit, allowing their flavors to infuse and develop over time. This patient approach resulted in a rich and aromatic juniper macerate that formed the foundation of the gin.

But the team didn't stop there. They were determined to elevate the juniper profile even further, so they added more juniper and a touch of New Zealand-grown orris root to the distillation process. This additional layer of juniper and the unique floral notes of the orris root added complexity and depth to the gin, making it a true delight for juniper lovers.

The result of their meticulous craftsmanship is a gin that is truly exceptional. As soon as the gin is poured into a glass, it greets the senses with lifted pine resin and fresh citrus notes that leap out of the glass. The bright floral notes and earthy undertones add further complexity to the gin, creating an immersive experience for the taste buds.

This limited release gin is a testament to the distillery's commitment to using the finest ingredients and taking the time to craft a spirit that is truly extraordinary. Their team believes that juniper is the heart and soul of any great gin, and this showcase gin allows juniper to shine in all its glory.

Whether you're a seasoned gin aficionado or just starting to explore the world of gin, this limited release juniper showcase is a must-try. Its unique flavor profile and exceptional quality make it a standout in the world of gin, and the distillery is proud to share it with gin lovers everywhere. So, pour yourself a glass of this juniper showcase gin, sit back, and savor the flavors of this exceptional spirit.

Cheers to the juniper, the star of the show. But remember, this gin is available in limited quantities, so make sure to get your hands on a bottle before it's gone. Don't miss out on this gin lover's delight!

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