The World's Strongest Gins

The World's Strongest Gins

These are the ten strongest gins in the world that we could find, all of which are seriously stronger than your standard gin which is normally around 40% ABV or even Navy Strength at 57.1% ABV. If you manage to get your hand on a bottle or have the opportunity to try one we definitely do not recommend drinking them neat, dilute them with your mixer of choice or try just a few drops on your tongue.

10. Prohibtion Bathtub Cut Gin
The closest made one you'll find on this list, being made in Australia (and available in our shop), Prohibition's Bathtub Cut Gin is named after the days of American prohibition in the 1920s when bootleggers would use bathtubs to make their own spirits.

ABV: 69%
Distillery: Prohibition Liquor Co.
Origin: Australia

9. Sinners Gin Devil Proof
Another gin at 69%, this is the first of three Sinners gins on this list. Other than being from Belgium, there wasn't too much we could find about this mysterious brand other than that they clearly have a penchant for making incredibly strong gins.

ABV: 69%
Distillery: Unknown
Origin: Belgium

8. Bristol Dry Gin Turbo Island Edition
Named for an abandoned property in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol infamous for its raves, alcohol consumption, street art, and fires (which is referenced in the label's design). With this legacy and a whopping 75% ABV, the name Turbo is certainly well earned.

ABV: 75%
Distillery: Bristol Dry Gin
Origin: England

7. Strane London Dry Gin Uncut Strength 
The original super strength gin, first made in 2015, that kicked off the niche trend of super high ABV gins, they refer to it as "the Odin of gins" which is fitting as the original and 'All-Father' to the concept.

ABV: 76%
Distillery: Smögen Whisky
Origin: Sweden

6. Still River Uncut Gin
Formerly known as Twin River, this gin came out in 2017 which at the time made it the strongest gin in the world. That wasn't to last though, now sitting in 6th position on this list.

ABV: 77%
Distillery: Deeside Brewery and Distillery
Origin: Scotland

5. Sinners Gin Blackout
The second Sinners gin to make the cut and perhaps the most appropriately named given that consuming any notable quanity of it is pretty much guaranteed to have that effect (something that we advise you not do).

ABV: 79%
Distillery: Unknown
Origin: Belgium

4. Pienaar & Son Empire Gin and Orient Gin Drought Editions
Normally bottled at 43%, the limited Drought Editions of these two gins were conceived during the serious drought in Cape Town, foregoing the dilution process and simply bottling the infused spirit.

ABV: 80%
Distillery: Pienaar & Son Distilling Company
Origin: South Africa

3. Strane Ultra Uncut London Dry GIn
Not content with having been overtaken as the makers of the world's strongest gin, Strane released their second super strength gin in 2018 which uses a high concentration of their normal botanicals to try and balance the incredible alcohol content. Even then, the bar has continued to be raised, and were once again been dethroned, now in 4th place.

ABV: 82.5%
Distillery: Smögen Whisky
Origin: Sweden

2. Sinners Gin Korsakov
Another brief holder of the world's strongest title, by the slimmest of margins, Sinners' Korsakov is name has quite the unpleasant association, named for a Russian neuropsychiatrist who worked with alcoholics with a sydrome resulting from a severe deficiency of vitamin B1 (which also bears his name).

ABV: 83%
Distillery: Unknown
Origin: Belgium

1. Anno Extreme 95 Gin
The current reigning champ and world's strongest gin at the absolutely mind-blowing 95% ABV (basically just pure alcohol). They claim you can make a full G&T with only 5ml, and It even comes with its own little beaker to measure it out. Made in 2020, it doesn't seem like anyone is set to unseat Anno from the number one position any time soon.

ABV: 95%
Distillery: Anno Distillers
Origin: England

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