July 2024 Subscription Box - Bluff Gin

July 2024 Subscription Box - Bluff London Dry Gin

Our July Subscription Box is getting ready, so make sure to sign up soon if you want to receive this one.

It's chock full of amazing products as always, including a perfectly paired tonic and garnish to go with the featured London Dry Gin from Bluff Distillery in Southland.

Check out everything that's included below.

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Bluff London Dry Gin

Distilled 19,000km away from London, Bluff Gin is nevertheless an expression of a classic London Dry. One sip and you’ll feel as if you’re there at the very bottom of the world looking out over Foveaux Strait.

The bottle pays homage to the glass buoys that locals would cut off illegal whaling nets set across the protected Southern Seas to sink them. Bluffies, as the locals are known, would then proudly display them on their masts, front doors, and at their local pub, The Age.

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Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 150ml Can

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water was chosen as the perfect pairing as its herbacious flavours match and enhance the citrus and herbacious flavour profile of Dr Beak Yuzu Garden Gin.

By blending the essential oils from herbs that they have gathered from around the Mediterranean shores with highest-quality quinine from the 'fever trees' of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fever-Tree have created a delicate, floral tonic water.

Parched Dehydrated Lime Slices

These all-natural dehydrated lime slices are a great garnish as they still carry the fruit flavour and they elevate any drink or food creation.

100% Natural. Zero added sugar, all of the flavour!

Plus, each box now comes with a large pouch with enough garnish to pair with every 30ml pour of gin from the bottle.

You also get an air-tight glass jar in you first box to store your garnish in style while keeping it fresh.

Long Beach Classics Tomato & Basil Tortilla Strips

Dive into a mouthful of sun-ripened tomatoes paired with a fragrant whisper of basil. It’s the perfect blend of slow summer afternoons and garden magic.

The blend of umami and herbaceous flavours from the seasoning make an excellent snacking complement to the bracing juniper forward and herbaceous flavours of Bluff Gin.

Other Products

These delectable Bluff Gin Chocolates from The Seriously Good Chocolate are the perfect morsel for anyone that likes a sweet treat with their gin or enjoys a boozy dessert.

How could they not be perfectly paired when they're also Bluff Gin?