Humdinger Gin

  • Launched: 2020

  • Origin: New Zealand

  • Location: Geraldine, Canterbury

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Distillery: Humdinger Gin

Head Distiller: Andrew & Saskia Lewis

Still: Modified 220L Arnold Holstein Still

Visitation: By Drop In

Husband-and-wife team Andrew and Saskia Lewis founded Humdinger in 2020 to achieve a better work-life balance with their children.

They have very different palates from one another, so they alternate taking turns as the lead to develop the recipe and distil each gin in their highly modified 30-year-old 220L Arnold Holstein still.

The humble worker bee was chosen as their mascot as without them they wouldn’t be able to make great gin and they sponsor The Beekeeper’s Daughters, an organisation that supports and advocates for New Zealand’s bee population.

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