Juno Gin

  • Launched: 2015

  • Origin: New Zealand

  • Location: New Plymouth, Taranaki

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Distillery: BeGin Distilling

Head Distiller: Dave & Jo James

Still: Two Copper Pot Stills (Lila and Jenny)

Visitation: By Booking

Built in 2016 as a zero-waste distillery by husband-and-wife Dave and Jo with three core values: ‘Make it Fun’, ‘Make it Together’, and ‘Make it Right’, the brand then launched in 2017.

Their name comes from the Roman goddess of marriage and domestic harmony, reflecting the marriage of flavours achieved through distillation.

They make their gin using two stills, Lila and Jenny, which were built and adapted by local engineering teams with a base spirit made from a waste product.

They are working with Massey University and local growers to create a sustainable supply chain and also upcycle some of their waste products: the spent juniper becomes Juno Gin Truffles and the remaining still water Lila Witbier.

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