Kiwi Spirit Distillery

  • Launched: 2013

  • Origin: New Zealand

  • Location: Golden Bay, Tasman

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Distillery: Kiwi Spirit Distillery

Head Distiller: Terry Knight & Sue Bensemann

Still: Copper Arnold Holstein Column Still

Visitation: By Drop In

Founded in 2013 by Terry Knight, after honing his craft at South Pacific Distillery in Nelson, the business is family-owned and operated by Terry and his eldest children, Jeremy and Isabella, who are joined by head distiller Sue.

With sustainability as its core principle, they locally source and forage many of their botanicals to keep food miles low and have planted shelter belts and orchards around the distillery’s 25-acre premises, which has increased the abundance of birdlife.

Water from one of the aquifers that feeds the pristine Te Waikoropupū springs is used to make their spirits.

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