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Blush Gin

Blush Boysenberry Gin

Blush Boysenberry Gin

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ABV: 37.5%

Size: 700 mL

Origin: Auckland City, Auckland

Blush Boysenberry Gin was the world’s first boysenberry gin. Its star ingredient is sourced fresh from BerryFresh in Te Awamutu, renowned for their single variety boysenberries.

Best kept in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. Over time the colour may fade and sedimentation occur.

Botanicals: Juniper, Boysenberry, Citrus Peel, Anise, Cardamom & Angelica Root

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and a sprig of mint.

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Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet boysenberry and anise.

Palate: Pronounced berry notes with light spice supporting.

Finish: Sweet with continuing red fruits.

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How To Read A Taste Matrix

The main taste profiles in gin are: Juniper, Citrus, Floral, Fruit, Spice, and Herbal.

The more segments that are filled in any of these tastes, the stronger it is.



Blush Gin


Auckland City, Auckland

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Suggested Recipe



  • 30ml Blush Boysenberry Gin
  • 15ml Simple Syrup
  • 15ml Lime Juice
  • 100ml Prosecco or Sparkling Wine
  • Lemon Wheel
  • Frozen Raspberries
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Ice


  1. Pour the gin, simple syrup, and lime juice into a large wine glass filled with ice
  2. Add the prosecco
  3. Stir gently and then garnish with the lemon wheel and frozen berries
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