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Brunswick Aces

Brunswick Aces Spades Gin

Brunswick Aces Spades Gin

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ABV: 40.0%

Size: 700 mL

Origin: Melbourne, Victoria

Brunswick Aces distill their gin to 80%, before dialing it back to 40% using their non-alcoholic sapiir, instead of water like other distillers. Their unique process enables them to create a smooth finish, with no loss of the rich botanical profile.

Their Spades blend has green cardamom and fresh herbs balanced by sweet citrus and native Australian lemon myrtle, with their distinct Tasmanian pepperberry rounding off the blend.

Botanicals: Juniper, Lemon Myrtle, Parsley, Lime, Green Cardamom, Coriander, Tasmanian Pepperberry & Clove

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water and a slice of lemon.

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Tasting Notes

Nose: Pronounced cardamom with hints of dried citrus peel and peppery notes.

Palate: Slight citrus sweetness opening to bold cardamom spice and pepperberry.

Finish: Lingering dried spice with tart citrus.

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How To Read A Taste Matrix

The main taste profiles in gin are: Juniper, Citrus, Floral, Fruit, Spice, and Herbal.

The more segments that are filled in any of these tastes, the stronger it is.



Brunswick Aces


Melbourne, Victoria

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Suggested Recipe



  • 60ml Brunswick Aces Spades Gin
  • Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water
  • Orange Wedge
  • Lemon Wedge
  • Ice


  1. Pour the gin into a copa or wine glass over ice cubes
  2. Top up with the tonic water
  3. Garnish with the orange wedge and lemon wedge
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