Bluff Distillery


  • Launched: 2021

  • Origin: New Zealand

  • Location: Bluff, Southland

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Distillery: Bluff Distillery

Head Distiller: Chris Fraser

Still: Copper Still (Hannah)

Visitation: By Appointment

Founded in 2021, Chris spent 3 years getting things right before launching their London Dry Gin.

They take a lot of pride in their location at the tip of the South Island overlooking the Foveaux Strait, incorporating the local history and elements into their operation.

Capturing a sense of place in every bottle, they built their distillery for Bluffys, as the locals are known, as well as anyone who wants a taste of life on the edge.

A unique system that combines fresh water, seawater, and reverse osmosis is used so that only 2L of water is required for each bottle. They also conserve energy by using the seawater passing through the site to naturally cool the heated pipes exiting the still.

Hannah, their still, is named for one of the town's original entrepreneurs, Hannah Ward Barron. An Irish settler, she opened a thriving lodge and then hotel, which still stands today after several rebuilds.

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