Herrick Creek

  • Launched: 2019

  • Origin: New Zealand

  • Location: Christchurch, Canterbury

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Distillery: Herrick Creek

Head Distiller: Tom Finn

Still: 50 Copper Pot Still (Doughboy) and 200L Copper Pot Still (Eddie)

Visitation: Unavailable

Established in 2019, initially in a Christchurch garage before expanding to a larger facility in 2023, Herrick Creek’s produces artisanal spirits in a grain-to-glass approach with local sourcing.

They take their name and inspiration from the legend of the South Island Moose seeking to create unique spirits influenced by North American creators.

Their gin is crafted using their new make whisky as the characterful base spirit in two copper pot stills, the 50L ‘Doughboy’ and 200L ‘Eddie’.

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