Curiosity Gin

  • Launched: 2015

  • Origin: New Zealand

  • Location: Christchurch, Canterbury

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Distillery: The Spirits Workshop Distillery

Head Distiller: Antony Michalik

Still: 50L Pot Still (Yoyo) and 500L Still

Visitation: By Booking

Begun in 2015 by four mates and colleagues, their journey is to create celebrated craft spirits with a taste of New Zealand and story behind them.

They make their gins using two stills, their original 50L pot still called Yoyo and a newer 500L still.

Support is given to a variety of organisations, including the rainbow community through Outline with the annual Rainbow Ruby Gin, the Christchurch Art Gallery Trust and Christchurch NZ through bespoke gins for each, donations to Ronald Macdonald House and Westpac Helicopter Trust, and fundraising sales for local school sports teams.

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