Dr Beak

  • Launched: 2017

  • Origin: New Zealand

  • Location: Martinborough, Wellington

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Distillery: Dr Beak

Head Distiller: Lacey Bourne

Still: 200L Copper Pot Still

Visitation: Unavailable

Started in 2017 by Lacey and Tim Bourne, a horticulturalist and winemaker respectively, as the perfect bridge between their interests, they launched their first gin in 2020 after three years of recipe development.

Their name takes its inspiration from the 17th century plague doctors that wore beak shaped masks filled with aromatic herbs and spices to ward off sickness.

They make their products in a 200L copper pot still and only use New Zealand grown botanicals, except for juniper, to help reduce their footprint, support local businesses, and provide traceability.

With environmentalism at their core, they also donate 5% of their profits to Forest and Bird.

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